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Go Car Free

We create and manage unique Go Car Free™ programs designed to reduce the number of cars at your location.

Our Go Car Free™ programs provide massive benefits to employers and employees, schools and students, cities and citizens.


Lower Costs for Parking Infrastructure


Fewer Parking Spaces Required


Reduced Traffic, Less Congestion


Cleaner Air, Less Polution


Positive Press, Good Publicity


Healthier Employees & Students


Fewer Sick Days, Increased Productivity


Greater Employee Job Satisfaction

There has never been a better time to stop driving.

  • RHigh gas prices
  • RHigh car prices
  • RInflation
  • RClimate change
LA Gas Prices

How does the Go Car Free™ program work?

GoCarFree.org partners with companies, communities, organizations and educational institutions to encourage car free commuting.

Our unique Go Car Free™ program teaches and celebrates the car free and car lite lifestyle, and educates and inspires people to use alternative transportation. 

Each program includes our Go Car Free Course™, an eLearning module customized with multimedia content tailor-made for your organization — including a welcome video message from your chief executive. The program also provides participants with one-on-one Go Car Free™ Coaching, discounts, incentives, prizes, and live events.

Watch our Mission Video to learn more about our unique process and mission.

Who is it for?


Businesses spend a fortune to provide parking for employees. Some studies say one parking spot can cost up to $50,000. How much money could your business save if 50 or 100 or 500 employees went car free?

Government & Schools

Federal, state, and local governments — including schools and community colleges — are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainability. Joining the Go Car Free™ program demonstrates your commitment to climate action.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and Universities struggle to provide peak-demand parking for the influx of students who drive to campus. Don’t spend $15 million to build another parking garage, encourage your students to stop driving!


Nonprofits need to control costs while also retaining staff. How would your employees like to get the equivalent of a $10,000 to $13,000 pay raise? Sign them up for the Go Car Free Course.

Employees & Students

Between high gas prices, rising housing costs, and inflation, employees and students are seeking creative ways to reduce expenses and save money. With the Go Car Free program they can save up to $1,000 every month.  

Our Mission

  • The goal of CarFreeChallenge.org is to remove 2,000,000 gasoline-powered cars from America’s roads and highways. 
  • We’ve already removed 20,000 cars nationally, and we’re just getting warmed up. 
  • Watch our Mission Video to learn more about our unique process and mission.

Complete the Go Car Free™ Course. Get inspired. Be the change

At the center of the Go Car Freeprogram is our eLearning module that teaches and celebrates the car free and car lite lifestyle. When your organization signs up for the program, our digital team will produce custom multimedia content specifically designed for your location, to help your employees or students successfully commute car free.

Four elements make up the course.

Venice Blvd Map

Custom Content

Every eLearning module is tailor-made for each organization and each specific location. We send our video production team to film all the alternative transportation options, bus stops, transit routes, bike paths, and other car-free options that serve your location. So your employees will know exactly what to do and how to commute car free.



An important part of the Go Car Free  program is providing motivation and inspiration to take the plunge and commute car free. The Go Car Free Course  includes more than 100 success stories and interviews with people who went car free or car lite and are loving it. 

Via App on Phone


The Go Car Free Course  covers dozens of topics to help practically anyone live a car free or car lite lifestyle. Topics include: lifestyle re-engineering (required), commuting car free (critical), socializing car free (vital), car free dating and romance (surprising), and even how to explain your decision to your family, friends, Tinder dates, and strangers (incredibly useful).

Uber Gift Cards


GoCarFree.org partners with relevant sponsors to provide freebies, discounts, and savings for anyone who completes the Go Car Free Course.  From Uber and Lyft to Instacart and DoorDash, these are companies you’ll rely on when you live a car free or car lite lifestyle.

Get Moving!

More than 20,000 people have already used the information and inspiration in this course to ditch their cars, live a more active lifestyle, and save a fortune.

Annual Savings if You Adopt a Car Free Lifestyle

Metric tons of CO2

In car expense

Amount of your salary that goes to pay for a car

Benefits of Living Car Free or Car Lite

Better Health

When you stop driving everywhere you’ll walk and bike more and become more active. You’ll lose weight, improve your health, sleep better, and get more exercise.

Lower Stress

Driving in traffic raises blood pressure, increases stress, and causes anxiety, weight gain, and poor health. When you stop driving you can leave all that behind.

More Freedom

When you don’t have car payments, insurance, and gas to pay for you’ll have more disposable income for fun and travel. 

Climate Action

Cars are one of the worst contributors to climate change. When you join the Go Car Free  Program you’re helping save the planet, and you can brag about it at cocktail parties.


Save Money

Without a car to pay for you can slash your expenses, save money, pay off credit cards, become debt free, achieve financial freedom, and maybe even retire early.

Join the Go Car Free Program and Give Yourself a $10,000 Raise

How would you like to effectively increase your income by more than $10K per year without starting a side hustle or getting a second job? The average car owner spends between $10,000 and $13,000 in pre-tax dollars to own a car. When you ditch the car it’s like getting a five-figure raise.

Watch the video below to learn more. It’s from Lesson One of the Go Car Free Course.

Kick-Off Events & PR

After your organization signs up, we’ll help you plan and launch the Go Car Free  program with a big announcement, a fun kick-off event, group bike ride, and block party. 

Our communications team will manage the media relations, send out press releases, and invite the news media. Check out the sample press release to see how these events generate positive publicity in local and national news media, as well as trade publications.

Sample Press Release

press release

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

These great organizations are proud supporters of GoCarFree.org. Everyone who completes the Go Car Free Course is eligible for legit discounts and freebies.  

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